33% of all adults are now obese. Are you one of them?
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December 8, 2011
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December 12, 2015

Extreme obesity costs the United States $150 billion per year or roughly 10% of our total U.S. costs. Nearly 33% of all adults are now labeled obese. In children this statistic is 1 in 6. It can even cause death.

HCG Weight Loss programs offered by our clinic in the Aventura, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale and Sunny Isles zones are designed to help fight this epidemic in a sustainable manner.

There are no short cuts to losing weight, but we can help speed up the process and offer life coaching skills to help you keep it off. We specialize in HCG injections and a healthy diet. We also offer a number of other allied tools including Vitamin B-12 injections.

HCG weight loss and obesity graphic

If you fail to act, you may end up with heart disease and diabetes. If you are consuming more calories than you burn you are at risk. Environmental factors such as processed foods and eating out frequently may be contributing to your overweight condition. If you have less access to quality grocery stores, you may be purchasing less healthy foods. We can help you change your habits and identify good food sources, including the Yellow & Green Farmer Market, which we frequently shop at.

There is no simple solution to the obesity epidemic but a focused, sustainable HCG weight loss program can help. Eating more fruits and less sugary drinks will help, too. A regular exercise program is also recommended.

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