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April 7, 2016
An hCG Chart Can Help You Plot Your Weight Loss Progress
April 13, 2016

If you ventured onto a site for an amazing new weight loss plan called hCG, you may want to know more about the creator of the hCG diet, Simeons. The late, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons is credited with performing experiments on reducing obesity during the 1950s.

Simeons viewed the problem of obesity as a jig saw puzzle waiting to be put together. Some parts of the cure involved solving the impulse to overeat, some involved the person’s body system and others had to do with inactive or sluggish parts of the body that could help get rid of unwanted fat cells if they only worked properly.

Natural remedies were inexpensive and used in other countries, but unknown in America. Dr. Simeons knew that if he could prove that a natural remedy could help cure the problem of obesity, that it could change lives everywhere – including America.

While developing his theory about curing obesity and the hCG diet, Simeons used the hCG hormone in injection form to administer to his patients who needed to lose weight. Simeons’ theory was that the hCG hormone, produced by the placenta in pregnant women to bring nutrients to the fetus, could also be used to stimulate the hypothalamus gland and reset the metabolism.

Used along with the hCG diet Simeons developed, the plan would ensure that a person’s metabolism would keep burning fat calories even after the diet and hormones were finished. This plan was a non-surgical and natural method that would help people lose unwanted pounds and embark on a life style they had always dreamed of.

Simeons’ hCG hormone and diet plan was highly successful during the experiments he conducted on overweight Indian women and boys. His manuscript, “Pounds and Inches,” produced scientific evidence that the hCG protocol worked to melt pounds and inches from people suffering from obesity.

Amazingly, it wasn’t until consumer advocate, Kevin Trudeau, came across these scientific findings did the hCG diet, Simeons’ version, become popular. Trudeau chronicled his own weight loss of forty pounds and dubbed the breakthrough as, “the weight loss plan they don’t want you to know about.”

A synthetic form of the hCG hormone was developed and people who suffered from weight loss clamored for this new “cure.” In fact, it’s become so popular that hCG diet recipes, seasonings for the rather bland diet and tips and hints to aid in the success of the plan have popped up all over the Internet and homeopathic health pharmacies.

Search the Internet if you want to know more about the hCG diet, Simeons’ protocol and how this weight loss plan can help you lose those unwanted pounds now and forever.

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