About the Creator Of the hCG Diet, Simeons
April 11, 2016
Choose an hCG Clinic – Or DIY?
April 13, 2016

With any diet plan, you need to see how your weight loss is progressing – has it leveled off at times or revved up at other times? An hCG chart will help you plot your progress when you embark on the hCG hormone and weight loss plan.

Online guides that explain how you can lose weight by following the hCG plan are available both to purchase and to download free. Of course, the guides and information that you purchase may have more data you can use, but the free downloadable guides work just as well most of the time.

It’s important that you keep track of exactly how your weight loss is affected as you follow the path of injections or oral drops of the hCG hormone. The hCG chart might also have room for remarks. There, you can jot down what you’ve eaten and the caloric intake for the day, week and month.

Promoter of the hCG weight loss program, Kevin Trudeau, used a journal and chart to plot his remarkable progress on the diet and hormones. The late, Dr. Simeon, creator of the hCG diet plan also charted the weight loss of his patients over 30 years ago when he was conducting research.

Simeon’s patients’ weight loss was amazing, but it wasn’t until Trudeau came across the charts and information the late doctor had chronicled that the weight loss plan became known to millions. The hCG weight loss plan was very controversial at the time Trudeau released Simeon’s findings because the FDA hadn’t approved the synthetic hormone.

At that time, the hormone had to be given by doctors by injection or in the form of a prescription for the shots. Today, the synthetic hormone has been approved and formulated into oral drops that anyone can purchase and insert under the tongue to receive the same benefits as the injections.

Online information on the hCG diet plan is abundant now. You can read how others kept an hCG chart and how it helped them stick to the diet and reap the benefits. You can also purchase other supplies from the online sites such as pre-packaged salad dressings and other seasonings and food that help you with portion size.

Supplements are also available to enhance the hCG diet plan and ensures that you’re getting the nutrients you need while going through the low-calorie diet phase of the plan. Trudeau suggests that you prepare your body for the hCG hormone and diet by a cleansing technique, and you can also find information for that procedure online.

Keeping an hCG chart can be a mental catalyst for you to continue on the hCG hormone and diet plan. It’s easy to forget how much you’ve progressed and what you did to get there, so glancing at a meticulously kept chart can help you realize what worked and what didn’t and give you a mental boost to keep on going.

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