I Did a Crazy Fad Diet From the Internet
March 9, 2016
Have You Tried the HCG Diet?
March 17, 2016

As with any type of weight loss supplement, pill or hormone, HCG side effects do exist. However, they are less troublesome than many over the counter and prescription drugs that your doctor prescribes for you.

The number one side effect that the hormone can cause is headaches, but if you’ll read the patient insert information in a bottle of off-the-shelf headache medicine, you’ll see that the very medication used to help cure a headache can actually bring them on in what’s called ‘rebound headaches.’

You might also experience the HCG side effects such as mood swings, which are common with any hormone pill or injection. Mood swings will not damage your body. In some cases, taking the hormone can cause dizziness or diarrhea – but these side effects do pass.

As with any kind of hormone that you want to use to help you lose weight, you’ll need to list the pros and cons of what you plan to take and see if the benefits outweigh the side effects.

Most weight loss therapies have uncomfortable side effects that occur the first week or two and then go away. The only way for you to know how the HCG will affect your body as an individual is to try it for yourself.

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