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April 13, 2016
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April 14, 2016

As the popularity of the hCG weight loss plan increases, so are hCG clinics. If you do a google search for an hCG clinic, you may find one in your own city. If you don’t, it’s simply a matter of time before one appears. In fact, they’re popping up faster than google can keep track of them, so check in your local directory before you give up.

Why go to an hCG clinic? hCG clinics offer supervised weight loss using the hCG protocol developed by the late Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. Most clinics offer injections or use of the synthetic form of the hCG hormone in oral drops. At an hCG clinic you should receive personalized supervision that tracks your weight and diet plan and can alert you if there are problems involving your health.

The hCG weight loss plan involves injections, pills or the oral drops of the hCG hormone while following a highly restrictive (700 calorie) diet plan. You can purchase injection “kits” online, but, unless you know how to give injections, you might suffer from bruising and pain that can be avoided if administered from a professional. You can easily take the hCG pills or insert the oral drops sublingually, but you may need guidance about the dosage you should take.

The main advantage to seeking out an hCG clinic is the supervision aspect. You should receive counseling from beginning to end of the weight loss plan. A highly professional staff should also provide diet education and consultation sessions that will keep you on target for the weight you need to lose.

As with any weight loss plan, supervision is preferred over going it alone. But, if you see your regular physician and he or she pronounces you fit for the plan, you may want to proceed on your own. You can purchase injections, pills or oral drops online and go for the DIY route, or opt for the hCG clinic. Either way, you should be carefully monitored for the duration of the diet and taking the hCG hormone.

Most hCG clinics follow Dr. Simeons’ hCG diet plan protocol, but may also offer hints and tips about how to make the diet’s bland food more interesting. They’ll also offer recipes or tell you how to purchase pre-packaged foods if you hate shopping for and putting together the recipes yourself.

You may be the type of personality that has to have guidance for your weight loss journey or it may not work. A plethora of guidance books, hCG forums and blogs and just about anything else you would need to go it alone exists on the Internet, but if you can and are willing to pay for the extra attention you’d receive at a clinic, it might be worthwhile.

Just as there are online scams about everything on the Internet, there may be fly-by-night hCG clinics that are here today and gone tomorrow. That means you should carefully research the credentials of the hCG clinic before paying a fee or entrusting your weight loss goals and overall health.

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