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April 13, 2016
Good Foods Vs. Bad Foods
November 6, 2016

The hCG diet plan is becoming increasingly popular as stellar results are reported, but there is some confusion about the hCG diet phases because of conflicting information available on the Internet. Some of that information contradicts itself. The confusion is usually associated with the difference between the late Dr. Simeon’s hCG plan and Kevin Trudeau’s plan.

Both men tout the hCG weight loss plan, but the hCG phases they recommend are a bit different. Each plan works, and you should gather all the information you can before you begin. You might notice after your research that Trudeau recommends that cleansing should occur within Phase 1 of the plan and before you take in a large amount of calories.

Phase 1 of the original (Simeon) plan doesn’t include system cleansing. Simeon’s plan calls for you to “load up” on calories, eating cheeses, cream sauces, avocados and other fat-laden foods. The theory of the caloric increase in Phase 1 is that your body will be alerted to the fact that an over-abundance of fat calories are being ingested – and need to be burned off.

During Phase 2 of the hCG diet phases, you’ll begin what is arguably the most important part of the hCG diet plan. You’ll begin to take hCG hormone injections or sublingual drops every day for 20 to 40 days, depending on how much weight you want to lose. Phase 2 also includes an extremely low calorie diet. Each day you’re on Phase 2, you’ll eat no more than 700 calories.

This amount of calories per day may seem that it wouldn’t sustain a normal person who’s performing normal, calorie-burning activities. But, working together with the hCG hormones you’ll be taking, this hCG phase delivers everything it promises. Even though you’re not ingesting a lot of calories, your hypothalamus gland is busy working to stimulate your metabolism so that you’re burning stored fat calories – and this is what leads to weight loss.

Your hypothalamus gland may have become sluggish and non-active from years of yo yo dieting and other factors. The hCG hormone acts to stimulate the gland so that it does its work much more efficiently and actually resets your metabolism. That’s why people who have gone through the hCG phases report that the weight doesn’t reappear after they stop taking the hormones and go back to a normal diet. The metabolism keeps on working.

Phase 3 of the hCG diet plan is the maintenance phase. This phase lasts for three weeks before you reenter phase 1 again and go through the “loading on calories” phase. If you go around again, you’ll add another week onto Phase 3. How many rounds you choose to be on the hCG diet plan depends on the amount of weight you want/need to lose.

One round of hCG phases might be all you need, but if you fit into the obese category, it may take as many as three or four rounds before you lose all the weight. Also, on the second round, the diet restrictions are significantly less, meaning that you can add more foods and ingest more calories than when you were on the first round.

It’s important that you stick to the plan of the three hCG phases. Any deviation from the original plan might mean that you don’t reap as many rewards – or lose as much weight.

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