Good Ways To Lose Weight Fast
February 26, 2018
A Diet To Lose Weight Fast
February 27, 2018

Drastic Weight Loss.

Two days ago, I sent you an email titled: “This email is for women only”.


I talked about how men do so well with HCG Diet Injections that it’s almost unfair. Because in my opinion, it should be easier for women to lose than men.


Anyways… I’ve got a perfect example of that to share with you today. Meet Russel…….


Russell was a part of our 2018 Challenge and to say he succeeded with flying colors. He made a lot of great posts and really helped motivate everyone. There was even some playful back and forth with the ladies telling him he has it easy. (Which he does).


Now, Russell lost 30 lbs. Like I say, with HCG shots, you can expect to lose 20-30 lbs each round. For women, 30 is the high-end. And if you cheat, you may lose closer to 15.


No matter your gender, I can’t promise you will lose as much as Russell. I can say that if you follow the plan through, you’ll get results. If you don’t cheat, expect 20-30 gone in one round. And women do regularly drop 30 lbs. It just seems harder than for men.


That’s all for today.




Could I be writing about your success in the future? That, my friend, is up to you.  Our program is easy, we teach you how to lose weight quickly, and with the best foods to lose weight quickly.  We also inform you of the bad foods to cut out to lose weight.  Our quick and easy weight loss protocols are very healthy weight loss programs. With us you can see quick results and you may easily lose weight in one week.  During the consultation we will discuss exercises to lose fat and how to manage your diet meals.  Our HCG and Lipotropic mix is the best weight loss plan for women and men, and has time and time again proven to be the most effective way to lose weight fast.  We know how ro lose weight, oops, I meant how to.  I hope you give us a call and let us tell you about our effective diet plan for weight loss, and all of our meals to lose weight fast in our HCG Diet Plan.


Alright, I’ve rambled enough, until next time!


See you!


Javier Alejandro

HCG Diet Expert

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