February 20, 2018
Where can I buy Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
February 22, 2018

HCG Diet Jenny from Jacksonville, her story…..

Jenny took a big, guilty gulp of wine.


One glass wouldn’t hurt, would it? Besides, she was doing double at work. Shannon had up and quit without warning anyone. That was just like her.


“But your diet plan says not to…”  a voice in her head reminded her.


Jenny had just started a round of HCG and was already down 10 lbs.


Well, she’d taken one sip. Might as well finish.


Three days later, Jenny lay in bed. Although she looked calm, a battle raged in her head. Self-hatred and shame consumed her. See, that glass of wine had led to another. And another.


As the alcohol took effect, Jenny found herself in the pantry. The next three days were a blur. Pizza… McDonald’s… Starbucks…


Jenny messed up.


Big time.


That’s why she’d been avoiding the scale. It wasn’t going to be pretty.


Pause the tape here. Jenny had just experienced a 3-day binge of epic proportions. Right in the middle of her plan! (And it was going so well…)


Her ego is really letting her have it. Calling her a failure. Saying she has no discipline. That she will never succeed. That she will never be fit, young, beautiful and full of life. Ever again. And you know what? Her ego is right… but only if she listens to it.


There’s another option. Jenny can get out of bed. And get back on the plan. Roll the tape:


Jenny looked at the scale with a satisfied smile. 10 lbs down. It was three weeks later and she’d just finished p2.


She hadn’t lost the 20-30 lbs she’d been hoping for. Yet it was still huge progress. And after a month of maintenance, she went for another round.


This time she was prepared. And when the stress came she did yoga instead of binging.


And at the end of her second round, she was down 30 lbs. That brought her total losses to 40 lbs.


Look: a binge can either ruin your life or bounce right off you. You can either wallow around in shame or you can get back up and get results.


That’s the beauty of HCG diet injections. A binge is going to mess up your results. But you’re still going to get results.


Pick up your HCG program. You don’t have to start the second they arrive. You can just put them in your fridge. They’ll stare down at you and one day… you’ll know. You’ll start.


And personally, I think you’ll make it through without cheating. A lot of my customers do.


Click here to pick up your HCG injections now.


Either way, you’re getting healthier.


Javier Alejandro

HCG Specialist

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