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February 19, 2018
HCG Diet Jenny from Jacksonville
February 21, 2018


You gasped as your doctor gave you the bad news. You were diagnosed with a brand-new disease, just discovered last year (lucky you).


It caused lightning rods of pain to shoot down your arms every time you moved them. And it made ordinary, daily tasks practically impossible. Typing a simple email took all your strength.


“We don’t have a cure yet”, your doctor said.


He gave you two options:


1)   A new painkiller that was proving effective… yet carried a high risk of addiction. And studies were starting to link it to Alzheimer’s.


2)   An off label HCG remedy that his patients were having life changing results with. Yet it wasn’t FDA approved, although allowed.


Which option would you choose?


And even more importantly… wouldn’t you like the RIGHT to choose?


Because if Big Pharma has its way, you won’t be able to. It’ll either be the pill and the surgery… or the disease.


In a lot of cases, government regulation is a good thing. We don’t have to worry as much about companies selling toxic baby formula like in China.


At some point though, there’s a line. I think that line is drawn when the government starts taking away your health options. Here’s what I mean:


Most HCG Diet remedies are not FDA approved. So this means they don’t work, right? Well, it’s more complicated than that. See, to even get FDA approved requires a huge budget. In fact, it takes an estimated $1.6 billion to get a cure through the whole process!


Who really has the budget for this?


  1. A) Big Pharma
  2. B) Small time natural healers


Only Big Pharma can afford the FDA’s approval process. Because of this, the government is actually working for Big Pharma… under the illusion of public safety.


Just because a small time healer can’t afford to get their cure FDA approved, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. I can speak for myself here. My HCG injections are not FDA approved, yet we have countless success stories of men and women dropping 20-30 lbs in just a few weeks.


Doesn’t matter if I don’t have $1.6 billion in my back pocket, I guess?


Look: this war between Big Pharma and small-time healers has been going on for decades. And in that time, thousands have lost millions of pounds with HCG.


That’s why I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to continue selling my HCG weight loss programs.


Click here to pick up your HCG program.


These weight loss injections work for most of my customers. And they are much more affordable than other weight loss procedures.


Talk soon.



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