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November 13, 2016
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November 13, 2016

hCG Phase 4 – The First Day Of the Rest of Your Life

By the beginning of hCG Phase 4, you should have a different outlook on food that will help you
stay lean and trim for the rest of your life. The choices you’ve made during the diet and hormone
phase of the hCG plan has given you a mindset that encourages you to eat a healthy diet from
now on.

The urges you used to have for carbs, starches and sugars should belong to your past life and
organic fruits, vegetables and normal portions of meat will become the norm. Of course, you can
indulge sometimes. It wouldn’t be plausible to think that you won’t face food choice situations
that make you reach for fast food or something you wouldn’t normally choose.

The scale doesn’t lie, so during hCG Phase 4, you’ll want to weigh yourself every day. If you
go over two pounds of your desired weight, it’s time to correct the problem before it gets out of
hand. Part of the instructions for Phase 4 that will help you live the rest of your life free of the
prison of food cravings is that you revert back to Phase 3 until your last weight day of that phase
is reached.

Just don’t think you can constantly break away from the guidance in hCG Phase 4 without
having consequences. If you choose lasagna and tiramisu over a salad most of the time – you
will surely gain the weight back. Even though your metabolism is working better and burning fat
calories more efficiently than ever, it can revert back to its old, sluggish ways.

During hCG Phase 4, you’ll notice several things about yourself that you may have been missing
for years. Your hair thickness and shine will improve, your nails will thicken and not be so brittle
and your skin will glow. This is an added benefit of going through the hCG weight loss plan.

The thought of going back to a place where you’re uncomfortable in your own body and looking
in the mirror was painful will probably make you feel sick. If you continue hCG Phase 4 for the
rest of your life, you don’t have to worry about reverting to that person you once were.

You can begin to add healthy carbohydrates very slowly and eventually – and with the help of
your scale — you’ll begin to recognize which foods add a pound or two and which ones you can
feel comfortable eating with no consequences.

One bit of sage advice offered in the protocol for hCG Phase 4 is that you should never eat
unless you’re truly hungry. And, by now you should know a real hunger pain from a craving that
you don’t have to give in to. Remember where cravings got you in your old life of “fat clothes”
and hermit-type life and don’t give in.

You know the foods that made up your past life, so during hCG Phase 4 of the hCG weight loss
plan, simply avoid these foods if you want to continue the life you have now. Be proud of what
you’ve accomplished and continue to celebrate your new life.

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