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November 13, 2016
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How Do hCG Diet Plans Differ from Others?

The main difference between hCG diet plans and other weight loss plans is the fact that you also take regular doses of the hCG hormone as you’re dieting. The hCG hormone comes in two different forms – oral drops and injections.

The hCG diet plans also include a strict limitation of caloric intake. When taking the injections or drops and limiting your calories for a certain amount of time (depending on how much weight you want to lose), the system is burning at least 2,000 calories simply from the stored fat in your body.

While other calorie-based diets usually suggest certain food groups to choose from, hCG diet plans require that what you eat is from a highly specific menu. For example, when the menu calls for chicken breast, you shouldn’t substitute turkey breast.

There are certain seasonings that you can use liberally on plain foods to make it more palatable and interesting. Seasonings such as cinnamon and cardamom can be sprinkled on fruit such as apples. These types of seasoning don’t add calories and are acceptable to use on hCG diet plans.

The hCG hormone that’s included in hCG diet plans serves the purpose of stimulating the hypothalamus gland. When this gland is stimulated, your metabolism is recalibrated and works at burning fat in a rapid and efficient manner even after you stop taking the hCG hormones.

hCG diet plans require that you go through three phases of dieting. Phase 1 is a low calorie phase and might include cleansing of the body system. This can proceed for several days. At the end of the low calorie part of the first phase, you’ll binge on high calorie foods.

This phase is important and much different than most diet plans. You might think of the end of this phase like a car that’s run out of gasoline. It begins to sputter, trying to use every last drop of gas to run on. As soon as you fill up the car with more gas, the engine begins to run smoothly.

Your body is working the same way on hCG diet plans. During the low calorie phase, your body is using fat that’s been stored in your body to get every ounce of energy it cans to keep the body running. During the binging process, the body resets itself and the metabolism that’s designed to burn fat begins to purr and do its job efficiently.

Kevin Trudeau made hCG diet plans popular with the publication of his book, “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About.” Trudeau’s book is based on the findings of the late Dr. Simeon who researched hCG diet plans and the effect that the hCG hormone had to reducing fat in obese people.

Trudeau’s theory was that the FDA didn’t want the news to get out about the hCG hormone and hCG diet plans because it would make other diet plans defunct and millions of dollars would be lost by companies who base their profits on diet plans that don’t really work.

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