New York Times Article Highlights Pros and Cons of HCG Weight Loss
Snooky on HCG diet
Fox News Highlights HCG benefits and "Snooky" Super Diet
September 25, 2011

We have been gratified to see the positive response to our program. Since we are a medically supervised program we can offer clients a scientific path to long-term weight loss using modernized hCG diet plans.

If you would like some balanced insight into hCG then read this article in the New York Times which highlights both the pros and cons of undertaking an HCG diet: Diet Plan With Hormone Has Fans and Skeptics.

In particular, note the comment by one of those interviewed by the reporter:

“Ms. Brown, a theater administrator who is 5-foot-8, said she was thrilled to lose six pounds in seven days, and hopeful about reaching her goal of losing 30, which would bring her close to her ideal weight of 135. She said she did not feel hungry and did not obsess about food as she had years ago, when suffering from anorexia.”

We encourage you to research HCG before undertaking our program. But, we also wish to point out that our program is an updated, modernized version of the one that first appeared in 1955. Many clinics offering HCG have not incorporated new research or improvements into their programs which has led to some quarters labeling HCG as a failure. This is a mistake.

It hides the fact that 1000s have successfully lost weight using new modern incantations of the HCG diet, especially in the context of medically supervised weight loss, which sets our clinic apart from the competition.

Since we have a medical doctor onsite guiding your HCG intake and diet plan, you will get the results you strive you. Further, you will keep the weight off.

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