What Are the HCG Diet Dangers?
March 23, 2016
Where Do HCG Recipes Come From?
March 28, 2016

By following this diet plan, you’ll need to know what the HCG phases are and how to correctly go through each one so that you’ll get the best results for your body. There are three main phases, with some people supporting that maintenance is considered to be a fourth phase.

In the first phase, this is said to be the loading phase. During this time, the person following the plan should eat an abundance of calories. This is done in order for the user to prepare for the lower food intake phases that will follow.

Phase 2 is next in the HCG phases and during this time period, the hormone is then given and a strict eating plan should be followed. On that eating plan, certain food items should be consumed followed by a lot of water consumption. This phase should continue for about three weeks.

Phase 3 follows – and during this phase, your body will begin to show results of the dieting efforts and you should see a difference when you weigh yourself. During this phase, you can add to the amount of calories you eat. This stage lasts about three weeks as well. Once you’ve completed all the phases, you should then be in a maintenance mode.

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