HCG Diet Information

HCG Diet Information can come from all over the place and can vary quite a bit.  It’s hard to search the web for the most accurate information when the information is conflicting, and many times is coming from people looking to make a profit.  Different groups are trying to steer you in a certain direction with intentions to make a sale.  HCG Diet Information is no exception.  Hopefully after reading this you’ll have a better understanding of the HCG Diet and you’ll know where to obtain accurate information.  What did Dr. Oz have to say about the HCG Diet? https://www.doctoroz.com/article/new-hcg-diet

The HCG Diet was created in the 1950’s by Dr. Simeon.  He was treating patients with HCG for other treatments and learned that the patients were beginning to shed adipose body fat while taking HCG.  He then began some research on HCG and weight loss.  The rest is history.  We won’t get into the details of Dr. Simeons and how he started the whole HCG Diet craze. If you want to learn more about Dr. Simeons history and his original protocol, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_T._W._Simeons

And https://www.diyhcg.com/free-download-dr-simeons-manuscript-for-hcg-diet-info/

HCG Diet Protocols: 500 or 800 Calories Daily

As you begin your journey into researching the HCG Diet and HCG injections, you’ll quickly discover either a 500-calorie diet plan or a modern diet plan of 800 calories daily.  In our opinion, the 800-calorie diet plan is better and is indeed a more modern approach to weight loss.  Let’s face it, the 500-calorie protocol was created 70 years ago with research from those days.  There’s been a lot of research and discoveries since then and many in the medical weight loss community agree the 800-calorie method is best.  It is our opinion the best diet plan to follow while taking your hcg injections is actually one with a specific number of daily calories that are specific to your age, height, weight, and sex.  Basically, your body mass index and body metabolic rate is considered.  The nutritionist at HCG Diet Miami created a great HCG specific calorie calculator, check it out: https://hcgdietmiami.com/hcg-calorie-calculator/

HCG Diet Phases

The HCG Diet has different phases.  Phase 1 are loading days and you get to eat anything you want.  You read correctly, you eat ANYTHING you want for two days.  According to Dr. Simeons research, it was beneficial to load for two days and increase your fat storage before going into phase 2.  Phase 2 is when you will deplete your fat stores by following a very low-calorie diet.  Therefore, phase 2 is where you will follow either a 500, 800, of completely customized calorie per day intake.  Again, we recommend the method used by HCG Diet Miami for phase 2. 

Once you have reached your goal weight, you can stop taking the HCG Diet Injections and move on to phase 3, which is stabilization and maintenance.  Basically, in this phase you gradually increase your per day calories to a normal daily caloric intake for the new body weight you have achieved.  This process will take about 3 to 4 weeks.  Take a look at the HCG Diet Plan and phases from HCG Near Me: https://hcgnearme.com/hcg-diet-information/

Frequently asked questions about the HCG Diet

  • How long can I take the hcg injections for and can the body build a tolerance? You can actually take the injections for as long as 60 days with no major health risks.  After 60 days, if you want to continue, most clinics will recommend a 3 to 4-week break.  HCG injections are prescribed to many men under going testosterone replacement therapy year-round! These men take HCG year-round with little to no side effects.  Some websites will claim just how sensitive the human body is to HCG and just how quickly one can develop a tolerance.  That information is often inaccurate. 
  • How many pounds per day will I lose? The range is .75 to 2 lbs per day.  We are all different and we will not all average the 1 pound per day claim.  Be reasonable, if you are an older person with a slower metabolism, you may lose on the lower end.  Also, if you are about 140lbs and just trying to lose those last 10 lbs, you also will lose on the lower end. 
  • Do the injections hurt? That’s a matter of opinion, but for the most part, a majority of patients say they don’t feel a thing and don’t even bleed a drop of blood. 
  • We have compiled a lot of questions about HCG and have provided answers on our HCG Diet FAQ page: https://hcgnearme.com/hcg-faq/