Purchase HCG Injections

Purchase HCG injections instead of the pills, drops, or troches.  Ensure you are getting HCG injections made in the United States by a U.S. based compounding pharmacy.  The injectable form of HCG enters your blood stream faster and more efficiently.  With the pills, drops, or troches, you run the risk of not getting enough HCG in your system if your body does a poor job of absorption.  Here is a great explanation of the differences among an injections and the other forms of administration: https://www.goodrx.com/blog/why-do-some-medications-come-as-pills-and-others-as-injections/

Where to purchase from?

You can always get HCG injections from a local HCG Diet clinic.  Make sure to verify what compounding pharmacy the clinic is working with.  If you prefer the online route, this part can be a bit tricky.  You really need to make sure you avoid purchasing HCG online from an organization who is selling HCG from other countries illegally.  If you come across a website with no address or telephone number, do not buy from that site.  Before purchasing online, you want to call the clinic and verify a few things.  Therefore, make sure you verify the following before buying HCG online from any place.

  1. Make sure the clinic is in the United States and can provide a state health care clinic establishment license.
  2. Find out how many days it takes to ship the medications. It should be about 3-4 days, anything more than that and its probably coming from India or China (BAD!)
  3. Find out what compounding pharmacy is making the HCG and make sure this pharmacy is on the FDA list of approved facilities:


  4. Make sure this place also provides the syringes, alcohol pads, mixing supplies, bacteriostatic mixing solution, instructions, and a diet plan.  Click here to see what our clinic provides: https://hcgnearme.com/our-hcg-assisted-diet-programs/

In conclusion, the best way to buy HCG injections is with the correct knowledge of the HCG Diet.  You can purchase HCG injections fast at good online clinics like HCG Diet Miami or HCG Near Me. 

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