Am I Really Stalled on the HCG Diet?
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November 26, 2018
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December 24, 2018

Am I Really Stalled on the HCG Diet?

Hi guys, I want to touch up on something very common today.  Many times, during an HCG Diet round, people often do unnecessary hcg stall breakers.  Also, they often confuse a cheat with a stall.  The fact is, a cheat is when you do not follow the hcg protocol and eat the wrong foods.  A stall is when you are following each HCG Diet Phase to the letter and for a few days the weight scale does not move. 

What do you do when you cheated? This is a simple answer, stop cheating and get back on track.  Don’t starve yourself the next day and don’t do unnecessary stall breakers, this just makes things worse.  You can, however, do some extra light exercise in a scenario like this one. 

What do you do when the weight scale has not moved, and you’ve been really following the Hcg diet rules? Well, we all know there’s hcg stall breakers such as an apple day, the cantaloupe day, and the steak day.  But which one to use?

Let’s ask some questions:

Although you are stalled, have you lost a good number of inches? Have you been doing light exercise and noticed you are stronger or have more muscle mass? Has exercising become easier for you?  If you answered yes to all of these, its possible you may not need any stall breaker at all.  These situations often mean you are gaining lean muscle mass and still dropping some fat.  This balance of muscle up and fat down will make the weight scale stall, but the reality is that you are doing pretty darn good.  So, keep it up and carry along!  If you can’t fight the itch to do a stall breaker in this case, I recommend the steak day because you can fast and follow it with a good dose of protein in the form of a steak. 

Most other scenarios of a stall involve some form of water retention or inflammation.  Also, you may also be having issues digesting certain foods.  Be sure to take a good probiotic to promote healthy gut bacteria and drink plenty of water.  In these cases, the apple day or cantaloupe days are better to help get rid of the excess fluids. 

Look, every situation is different.  The good news is that at our clinic we are here to help you whenever you have questions.  If you experience a stall, give us a call.  We are the best HCG Diet Clinic in the United States. 

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