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March 10, 2018
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March 19, 2018

Best Diet Plan…..


I stumbled on an ad for a new plan.


It made some pretty bold claims. The biggest one, “Lose weight fast women! Eat 3,000 calories a day and lose 12 lbs a week”. This was part of a how to lose weight fast for women campaign.  These things often trick people who often think how can I lose weight.


Now. Can I tell you for absolute fact 100% this plan does not work? No. I can’t. It might work. Anything’s possible. Here’s what I can tell you: we’ve seen this before.  Alleged super weight loss programs for women with the best foods for weight loss.


Not once. Not twice. This has been around since people have wanted to lose.  Crazy diets claiming to be the best diet to lose weight fast.


There is always a plan that lets you do whatever you want. Lets you keep living the way you’re living. In fact, you can live any way you please. And you can be trim, fit, young, sexy and bursting with energy. The ads are powerful claiming natural weight loss and instant weight loss, or fast weight loss tips. They speak of diet tips, a diet plan to lose weight fast, or the very best diet plan.


Here’s what I can also tell you: none of these plans have worked so far.


If they did, we’d all be thin. Period.


The reason why I show up in your email every day is not to tell you what sounds easy. Or even what you want to hear. I tell you what works.


The news I’m happy to share is, what works isn’t that hard.


It’s no walk in the park. But you’ve handled much worse. You’re strong. I don’t know you personally. But you’ve made it this far, haven’t you?


You can do this plan and it’s going to pay off huge. Enough energy to coast through the day… and then some. Better, sexier clothes you love to wear. A life full of genuine compliments. Better service in the world (shallow but true).


I won’t tell you that HCG injections is the only plan that can get you there. There’s sound weight loss exercise plans to cut weight fast.  But for weight loss, our fat loss diet is the preferred quick weight loss diet plan.


I do know that it can get you these benefits quick. Just a few weeks. It’s safe. It’s realistic. And it’s basic food science. It works with Ketosis, which is the same process the popular “Keto Diet” uses.  This is how to lose weight really quickly.  Trust me on this, HCG helps to decrease weight rapidly.


Yes, you do have to follow the plan. If you cheat you won’t lose the full 20-30 lbs. You may just lose 15. (That’s still a few pants sizes though).


Look: the important thing is that you lose. So if you find another plan that works for you, do that. I want HCG to exist because it works. As long as it’s working, people are going to keep doing it. So, I’m fine here – you do you.


One last point:


This plan has a habit of working for people who have “tried everything”. If you haven’t tried HCG yet, you haven’t tried everything. And this very well could be the one that finally works. It’s a common story in the HCG world – the odds are in your favor.


Only one way to find out…


Click here to order your HCG program and lose your 20-30 lbs.


Talk soon,


Javier Alejandro

HCG Diet Clinic Expert

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