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May 1, 2018
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May 7, 2018

Does hcg help metabolism?

HCG is built for speed. You know that. It’s one of the fastest ways you can safely lose size on the planet.

Everyone knows about the famous 20-30 lbs.

Get through the plan without cheating and that’s where you’ll likely end up.

Many people lose 10 lbs in the first week alone.

And all that is great. It’s outstanding. But with all the hype, it’s easy to forget: our bodies are complicated machines.

This is the real world. Some people lose more than others. Which is why it’s crucial that you always remember this: you’re not just losing for the scale.

For example, if I said with your body, you’d only lose 10 lbs on a round… but enough inches to fit into your goal jeans… would you take me up on that?

What if you lose 10 lbs… but gain new habits that help you keep it off… and lose easier in the future?

What if you lose a little slower… which helps your skin readjust and stay tight?

So as you can see, losing isn’t black and white. You may look at the scale one day and get all down about what it says… not realizing you coasted through the entire day without getting tired once.

Now, if you do lose a little slower, I wouldn’t be so quick to blame your body, either. In most cases when someone isn’t losing like they want to be, they’re making some kind of small mistake on the plan.

The bad news is, one small mistake can sabotage your losses. The good news is, these are usually quick, easy fixes.

Maybe you’re not drinking enough water.

Maybe you’re cheating too much.

Maybe you’re not going to bed early enough to get a full night’s rest.

Fixing these little things can make a night and day difference.

There is so much good happening with HCG besides what the scale reads.

We can’t choose our metabolism or how fast we lose. But we can choose how and what we eat. HCG gives you the lifelong habits to live at a healthy weight.

Which helps you avoid or minimize the problems that come with being at an unhealthy weight. Like Diabetes, Heart Disease, chronic pain and so much more.

Lastly, we’ve had some customers say they lose slower on HCG than others… but faster using our HCG program than any other plan they’ve tried. And that’s a huge win too.

The cool thing about HCG Injections is by the time you get through p3, you actually like the lifestyle. If you’re like some of our members, you love it. When you’re giving your body the nutrition it craves, everything changes. And you do lose. You do reach your goals.

Even if it takes a little longer.

I just wanted to touch on this subject because it’s important. If losing size was easy everyone would be thin. That’s just not the reality we live in. Yet with HCG, you can do it. You can get all the benefits that come with being healthy. The energy, the confidence, the compliments… everything.

You’re worth it.

But this isn’t something I can do for you.

It’s something you need to do for yourself.


Talk soon.


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