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May 4, 2018
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May 8, 2018

Does sermorelin help with sleep?


Years back, I dated a nurse who worked the overnight shift.

God bless her. That is not an easy gig. Yet as anyone who has ever had health problems can agree… it’s such an important job.

Unfortunately, in the process of helping others, she often forgot about herself. Maintaining a healthy size is hard enough as is. Add in all the cortisol and other hormones that come with working a stressful job, and you have a recipe for rapid weight gain.

And then there’s the fact that to stay awake, the nurses would congregate around food. As you can probably imagine, it wasn’t healthy food. Or even close.

Finally, because of her shift, she wasn’t sleeping enough. And her schedule was crazy.

She was a great woman. A strong woman. Yet she had an impossible time keeping healthy. She just couldn’t do it. Her lifestyle wouldn’t allow it.

Obviously an overnight nurse would be sleep deprived. But to be honest, most of us are.

The question is, are you?

If so, it’s going to make your losses difficult.

Folks, if you want to lose, and lose fast, you need to prioritize your sleep. I know it’s not always easy. But you know just as well as I do – you could go to bed earlier.

It seems like a small thing. But this is how you get the big losses. The 10 lbs gone the first week. The 20-30 by the end of the plan.

If you have difficulty sleeping, there are some supplements that can help. I have one called Sermorelin.  I have crazy hours and have always had difficulty sleeping. But Sermorelin knocks me out.

If you need help sleeping, I really recommend giving it a try:

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When people think about rapid losses, they think of the big things. They think of the food. They think of the exercise.

Yet they really think about the simple things that make all the difference. Sleep. Water. Focus.

Cross the basics off and you’re going to lose. Big.

Talk soon.

Javier Alejandro

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