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April 19, 2018
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April 27, 2018

After my last email on Essential Amino Acids, Diana writes in:


Is there another way to get Amino acids in our diet if we are on the Lipotropics and mid-way through P2?


Absolutely: eat a good, healthy whole foods diet.


I want to make one point very clear. Nothing I sell is a replacement for eating clean proteins and veggies. Preferably organic.


If you eat perfectly, there’s probably not a whole lot I can offer you.


But if you’re like most Americans… you don’t. In fact, you’re quite possibly not even close. Remember what I’ve been saying. The more unhealthy you eat, the hungrier you’ll be.


The ingredients in the lipotropic really come in handy if you’ve been at an unhealthy size for a while. Because by that point, you’re nutrient starved (and your hunger can be unbearable).


Diana continues:


I put back on 13-15 lbs since all the holidays, etc., which is why I am back on it. I’ve worked too hard to let it get out of control, again. But, OH HOW HARD to lose these last 10 lbs! UGH!


First off, just about everyone puts on size over the holidays. So if it happened to you, don’t feel guilty. It’s like I always say. Champion boxers aren’t always at their “fighting weight”. When they have a rest period, they gain. When they have a fight, they lose.


During the holidays, it’s fine to put on a few lbs. If you lose when it counts (spring/summer).


Second, I talk a lot about 20-30 lbs gone in your first round of HCG. And for most people, that’s dead-on (unless you cheat).


That being said, some people have an especially difficult time losing those last 10 lbs. Kelly did a round with the HCG injections to finally lose her last 10.


I know, I know. When you are just 10 lbs from your goal… you want it gone now. I get that. But look, you’re so close. Do another round. Do it right. You may not drop 20-30. But you will lose that last stubborn 10.


Okay, that’s all for today.


Now is the time to lose. Get at your fighting weight for the late spring and summer. You’re going to love how you look and feel. Believe me, if you do this now, you are going to have an amazing summer.


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Javier Alejandro

HCG Diet Specialist

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