HCG Diet Sale: The perfect time to start!
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May 11, 2019
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August 29, 2021

Our big memorial day HCG Diet sale kicked off with a bang last week.


We have a huge group starting their loading this weekend. And when big groups coordinate and motivate together, the results are ALWAYS good.


If you’ve struggled with weight loss in the past, click the link below so you can get started with the Memorial Day group. If you wait until tomorrow to order, there is a chance that good ‘ol USPS might not oblige you by the weekend.


Click here to indulge this weekend and get your figure back after


I recommend one of our HCG Diet/Lipotropic Packages to start. But if you’re new to HCG Near Me and would like to get to know us a bit first, go with the tablets. They’re affordable and they work. I founded my business on them.




We run these specials for different reasons. Probably the biggest one is to motivate you to take action.


Because we get it.


I’ve been working with patients trying to lose for years in my practice. And since I’ve started with this business, I’ve worked with thousands more. Many have lost a ton on the plan!


We understand just how difficult a change like this can seem to be.


I say “seem”, because the reality is, we build it up to be a great big monster. Just this icky energy inside us of pain, suffering, guilt and shame. Not to mention the physical effects. It has such a drain on us, it’s hard to believe it could all just… go away.


I’m not saying all your problems will go away. They won’t. The truth is there will always be problems. But I will say this: it’s a lot easier… and more rewarding… to handle these problems while you’re in good health.


And your weight and bad habits can go away. For good.


With a plan like HCG, it even happens quickly.


Now, a little perspective here. An average round of HCG Injections is 30 – 60 days. Most do 60. There’s a lot you can do to make the plan get you the results you really want. (Info on this is found in my blog, “HCG Diet Information”).


In that round, you can expect to lose 20-30 lbs. Some people lose less. Some lose more. That’s life. Everyone is unique.


The point of the plan is to help you lose as fast as your body is capable of.


Remember, this is your health we’re talking about. Even though fast results are important, we want you to look and feel good. We want you to have it all. Or, as much as you can.


These are just the plain and true facts about the plan. It’s simple stuff.


Yet people can go years… decades… even a lifetime… without losing.


Why? Because they build it up in their head. They make it more difficult than it really is. They wait for an act of God or the “perfect time” to knock on their door. They wait for a big bundle of energy to sweep them to health.


Well, the truth is, the energy comes the first week you actually start the plan. After your loading days, you do feel new healthy energy. Which, by the way, will only grow as you continue to improve your health.


Which is why most people finish the plan and say, “that was easier than I thought it would be.”


So look: you want the perfect time, here it is.


During your first two days of HCG shots it’s required to over-consume on fatty foods. The more fat you eat, the better your early results.


Don’t believe me? Join our private Facebook group and ask. It’s a great community and it will be super active over the next 40 days because we have a huge group starting at the same time this weekend.


Plus, there’s still time to lose and enjoy summer with your new health and body.


And you get to eat with purpose this weekend. You don’t have to miss out on the BBQ. In fact, binge on BBQ all day long.


There’s no better time than now:


You can do this.


Make it happen!


Javier Alejandro

HCG Near Me


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