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December 14, 2018
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January 8, 2019

HCG Injections Clinics

Not all HCG Injections Clinics are the same.  One should be very careful about visiting a clinic for HCG or buying HCG online through telemedicine.  It’s very important you do your research and ask all the right questions.  Any clinic you work with should be based in the United States and working with compounding pharmacies under the watch of the FDA.  Ask your clinic if they get HCG from a compounding pharmacy on the FDA’s registered list.  Not all compounding pharmacies in the United States must be registered with the FDA.  Make sure your clinic only uses clinics under the supervision of the FDA.

Here’s a link to FDA registered facilities in the US:

If you find a US based clinic that uses FDA compounding pharmacies, great, now ask the following:

Do you give pre-filled syringes or vials? You want the vial.  This way you ensure its mixed correctly, and you’ll know the expiration of your hcg.  HCG must be mixed with bacteriostatic water.  It’s an easy process. 

Does your hcg come with b12 at no extra charge? Look for the clinics that give the b12 together with hcg and no extra charge. 

How much hcg comes in the vial you guys give? HCG vials come in different vial sizes.  Most clinics give a 5,000IU vial.  Our clinic gives you a 6,000IU vial.  So, with us you get more! But hold on, be careful not to get vials that are to large, such as 10,000IU or 11,000IU.  These tend to lose potency towards the end because they were mixed a longer time ago. 

Do you guys have ongoing support or tutorial videos to help educate me on hcg? HCG has a lot of moving parts such as the diet rules, mixing, dosing, injecting, etc.  Be sure you are working with a clinic that can provide support when you need it!

HCG Near Me provides both in clinic and telemedicine support for anyone who wants to do the hcg diet in the United States.  We can ship and provide our service to anyone who lives in an area that the United States Postal Service delivers to.  We are up to date with all health-related information and weight loss best practices in 2019. 

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