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April 16, 2018
The best diet, the HCG Diet.
April 19, 2018

Today we’re going to talk about a very special… and very powerful… ingredient in the lipotropic injections.

Okay. Now, you might be wondering, what’s so great about this ingredient? Well, for starters:

It’s been shown to double fat percentage loss in a clinical study

It can speed up your metabolism, give you energy, help you concentrate and more

And it helps you feel less hunger

Not bad, huh?

I’m talking about Essential Amino Acids.

These amino acids, or proteins, are absolutely critical for a good, healthy life. In fact, if you aren’t getting them in your diet, you probably suffer from:

A sluggish metabolism

Trouble losing weight

Trouble retaining muscle mass

Low energy levels and fatigue

Poor concentration

Moodiness and mood swings

Sound familiar?

Here’s the rub: your body can’t make essential amino acids. Which means if you’re eating a Standard American Diet… you’re not getting them.

Not only will you feel slow and down… you’re also going to be hungry all the time.

Your body wants you to eat foods that contain these amino acids. So you feel hungry. But then you may eat a pizza. You feel full (and probably a little guilty). But you still didn’t get the nutrients.

So as soon as your stomach can fit more… you’re hungry again!

Can you see how the more unhealthy food you eat, the more hungry you’re going to be? A lot of people think eating healthy isn’t as “fun” as eating unhealthy. I don’t personally think being hungry all the time is very fun.

This is a mindset shift that if you get, it’ll change your health… and your life.

Anyways, I think Amino Acids are a big reason people feel so little hunger on the Lipotropic injections.

Not only are you getting HCG, which is hunger kryptonite… you’re also getting these vital nutrients you probably wouldn’t otherwise get.

Now, last but certainly not least…

Amino Acids have been shown to aid in losses.

In a clinical study, subjects who used Amino Acids lost 5.6% body fat over a period of time. The group that didn’t take Amino Acids lost just 2.5%!

That’s double the fat % lost.

Another big win for Essential Amino Acids.

Can you see why we’ve included them in the lipotropics? And they’re just one of a bunch of other awesome ingredients I’m going to be covering in future emails.

Hopefully you’re seeing the power of these things. They truly are a game changer for the industry. Odds are, you’ll get the best results you’ve ever had using them.

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Talk soon.

Javier Alejandro

HCG Diet Specialist

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