Poor Genetics? No worries, HCG will still work!
You’ll love the HCG Diet
April 27, 2018
Does HCG help metabolism?
May 4, 2018

What is it that helps one person lose more than the other?

Well, there are probably a lot of reasons.

I’ll tell you a big one: DNA. Genetics. Sadly, it’s true. Some people just lose easier than others. We all have that thin friend who stuffs their face every day and still looks flawless in a swimsuit.

That isn’t most of us.

You know, little tangent, you gain because you have “good” DNA. Back in the day, you would’ve survived while thinner people may have not. Who knows.

Anyways, that doesn’t do any good now, does it?

We can’t control our DNA. So let’s talk about something we can control: our choices.

Hear me out.

If you make the right choices on the HCG Diet, you’ll lose almost as much or even more size than someone with good DNA.

I’m going to talk about 3 women. Each one is losing a different amount of size, and there are clear reasons why:

So here we have Sharon, who just finished her first week and is down 5 lbs.

Now, she’s clearly a little down about this. To Sharon I say, don’t be. 5 lbs is great. At the same time, it’s not the 10 she could’ve lost without cheating.

As you can see, Lysa also finished her first week, and she’s down 10.6 lbs. She doesn’t say but I’d imagine she loaded properly and stuck to protocol.

Lastly we have Sherrie. She’s a little further along than the other two, and has lost 20 lbs. As you know, people on average lose 20-30 lbs if they don’t cheat.

Sherrie cheated every single weekend and still hit 20. Could genetics be the cause? Maybe.

After all, most people who cheat that often will lose 15 lbs max. Or even 10. Which, by the way, is still awesome and worth celebrating.

That being said, someone who doesn’t cheat at all on the plan… and sticks to it like a solider (like our lovely Judi)… is going to lose more than 20. They could hit 25, 30, or even more.

See what I’m getting at here?

Genetics are awesome. But they’re not everything. Not even close.

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried it all before. So did Kylene. And we all know how she’s done for herself. Down over 70 lbs and in full control of her weight. How many people can honestly claim that?

HCG injections work. And there’s no reason why you can’t be next.

And, might I add, now is a great time to make it happen.

Not only is it just in time before Summer…

We also have a special going on.

Do the plan, and do it right.

That’s how you get the best results.

Although, as you can see…

Even if you cheat, you still get results.

That’s why we love HCG shots, isn’t it?

Talk soon.

Javier Alejandro

HCG Diet Guru

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