HCG is Easier Than You Think!
May 21, 2018
Will fasting during an HCG Diet program help?  
June 8, 2018

When is the right time to lose?


It can be hard to figure it out. So today I want to break it down, based on all my experience heading my practice and our community.


There are many people who have “tried it all” before finding HCG. But still, they decided to try the plan.


A lot of them say they knew before they even started the plan it would work for them. This time, something would be different.


That’s what *being ready* feels like.


Now… what if you don’t feel like you’re ready? Well, it can be awfully hard to make any change in your life. And let’s face it… HCG is a change. A change for the better, for sure. But still, if you know you need to lose but haven’t pulled the trigger yet… I get it.


I’m sure you’re busy. I know you do a lot. And I know that you don’t get credit for all you do… yet you do it anyways. So, I would like to thank you for that.


Still, I will say this. I’ve been shocked at how many busy men and women make time for the HCG plan. I think the injections really help. And actually, because you’re eating better and getting more nutrients, most people have more energy while doing HCG Diet Injections.


Ultimately, following the plan makes them less busy.


But that’s not the point I was trying to make.


Here it is: the fact that you’re reading this email proves that you’re ready.


You clearly recognize it’s time to do something. So you’re putting in the effort to learn how to solve your problem. Which, by the way, I really commend you on. Not everyone can do that.


The good news is, the next step isn’t that hard to take.


I like to tell people ordering the HCG kit is the hardest part. Because once you order them, they’ll arrive. And even if you don’t try them the very next day, eventually, you will. You’ll be too curious not to.


Once you test them, you’ll happily discover they really do work.


Next thing you know you’re done with HCG phase 2 and 20-30 lbs down.


Then it’s time for HCG phase 3. Maintenance. Resetting your body to sustain your new, healthier habits.


The honest truth is, the people who lose, and keep it off, are the ones who make NOW the right time. Even if it doesn’t totally “feel right”. They’re sick of waiting. They crave the life they know they can have.


Until you make the same decision they have, you’ll never lose.


Once you do make that decision though… losing is easier than you thought.


Remember: the rewards you’ll get are so, so worth it. This is your health we’re talking about. If it’s not right, it’s hard for anything else in your life to go right. And that’s stressful.


Although HCG is not as easy or fun in the short-term as binging on your favorite foods, it does make you feel and look a whole lot better.


So why not order today? Guarantee that you try the patches. Make now *your time*. And be another one of our beautiful success stories that everyone in the community looks up to.


You might even tell people, “I didn’t think I could do it… but I did!”


Anyways, that’s up to you.


Click here to order your HCG injections and lose your 20-30 lbs.


See you around.


Javier Alejandro

HCG Diet Specialist

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