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March 22, 2018
The Food Addict
March 30, 2018

Today’s message is a big deal.


I want to talk about one of the biggest reasons people can’t lose.


We all love to feel full. We love to eat until we’re totally stuffed. No problem. We’re human. It’s part of our biology.




What you may not realize is that “feeling full” is actually a side-effect to eating sugar and carbs.


In other words, if you eat a meal without sugar or carbs, it will be hard to feel “stuffed”.


Here’s why that is: “Feeling full” is what happens after you stuff yourself with simple sugars.


And it comes with bloating, headaches, cramps, feeling tired and worse. (Not to mention any of the long-term damage, which is substantial.)


Honestly none of us love the consequences of binging on sugar. We just can’t stop ourselves. We’re addicted. And the gnawing compulsion to eat more won’t go away until we physically can’t… eat… any… more!


Look: sugar and carbs are drugs. Literally. They taste so good. And we crave. Yet they wreak havoc on our system.


Now… what happens after you eat healthy?


After you finish a meal, you may not “feel full”.


You’ll probably feel pretty good. You’ll feel light. You’ll feel a clean sense of energy flooding your body. But you won’t feel that carb/sugar “full”.


At first this is a letdown. But try doing something in this state. I’ll bet you do it pretty darn well. I bet you have more than enough energy to get it done. And after that.. you probably want to do something else.


Soon enough, you start craving this energy. This makes it easy to stay fit. You really want to!


Getting healthy means you look at food differently. It just does.


The good news is, doing one round of HCG will “reset” your eating habits.


When the round is over, you’re down 20-30 lbs.… and keeping it off is as easy as it will ever be.


Some people still fail. That’s life. But a lot of my customers keep it off. Or even do another round or two and lose even more. (If you’re in the Facebook Group, you’re seeing that every day.)


Your mind will give you a million reasons why you shouldn’t drop size.


The truth is simple though.


If you want to live a better life, in almost every way…


… (I’m talking more energy, confidence, motivation, happiness hormones, libido, and so much more) …


Dropping 20-30 lbs. in a few weeks will get you there.


You don’t have to use HCG. It does work for most who try it though. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, I really recommend you give it a shot.


Getting started is easy:


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I can’t drop the size for you. You must make the decision. The good news is, once you do, you often find it’s easier than you thought.  Trust me, I’m going to show you what’s the best way to lose weight fast. You’ll be taught how to lose weight safely and you will use the best diet plan to lose weight.  Just imagine, you are going to lose your weight with smart fat loss foods. We have weight loss plans for men and women.  The quickest way to lose weight fast or healthy ways to lose weight fast are here. So, what is the best weight loss program? Well, ours is the best weight loss plan for fast easy weight loss.


Ta ta for now.


Javier Alejandro

HCG Diet Injections Expert

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