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March 22, 2018
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April 13, 2018

Innocent comment… or something more? You be the judge:

I’m not significantly overweight. If I just lost that last 15-20 pounds, I’d be in pretty good shape. I look at pictures of skinny girls and want to be thin. I try on bikinis and want to be thin. I get intimate with my SO and want to be thin. But then, when push comes to shove, I just love that croissant more. And that Twix. And those mashed potatoes.

Maybe this rings a bell. Maybe it doesn’t.

I’d like to suggest here, though. Is it possible she doesn’t really love it more? Is it possible that she is… addicted?

Let me break it down.

If she was fit… if she was thin… if she was in good shape, good health, on top of the world…

Wouldn’t she love that more than a Twix?

If a Genie appears in front of this girl and offers the perfect, sexy body… or a Twix bar… is she really going to pick the Twix?

She would love… and choose… health. So much more!

It’s crazy how addiction tricks us, isn’t it? It makes you think you love being its slave. Meanwhile, it’s taking its toll. It’s stealing your energy. It’s blocking your happiness. It’s causing you pain.

You don’t love it. You’re in hell.

From the outside, we love you. It’s not about your looks. To the people who care about you, it never is. It’s about your health.

And not only will dropping 20-30 lbs. make you feel a lot better… instantly…

It gets you healthier. That means more energy. More confidence. Physical beauty. Right away.

You might not want to lose. You might not want to. I get that. But when you know you need to… you’re going to feel guilty until you do.

The good news is… losing isn’t that hard.

It just isn’t. Millions of people do it every single day. And honestly, in our HCG group… I almost feel like it can be fun.

Sure, you have days when you must whine to everyone (and we’ll listen). Other days you’ll be the one encouraging people. You’ll be the one posting a new recipe. That’s when the fun starts.

You discover a new life. And an energy you maybe haven’t felt since you were younger. Before you know it, your HCG round is over… and if you didn’t cheat… you’re down 20-30 lbs.

If you did cheat, you’re probably down around 10-15. (Still amazing, by the way.)

This program is worth it. We have the best foods to eat to lose weight fast, so this should eliminate the question of what do I eat to lose weight.  We’ll teach you how to lose body fat fast.  Our quick diet with the best food to lose weight fast is the king of diet programs to lose weight fast.  So, what to use to lose weight fast, easy answer, the HCG Assisted Diet!

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Remember when you buy this you are joining our community. We truly want you to succeed. If you are having trouble, we’ll do our best to help you.

Just remember we’re a small team.

Talk soon.

Javier Alejandro

HCG Diet Specialist

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