Why Dieting is Harder for Mothers
The Weight Scale is Not the Only Determinant of Success!
May 8, 2018
HCG is Easier Than You Think!
May 21, 2018

What if I told you that a mom’s greatest strength… can be her biggest weakness?


It’s true.


See, moms, God bless them, have a habit of spending every waking hour on other people. Kids, co-workers, spouses, relatives, the list goes on and on.


Moms will often cook dinner for everyone, and then rush around making sure everything is perfect for everyone eating it. They might not even get a chance to sit down and enjoy what they’ve just made.


Moms will go through hell to get to soccer practice on time…


Become scholars to improve their child’s grades…


And even take on stressful jobs to make sure everyone is fed and happy.


Moms hold society together. But you know what? This makes it awfully hard for them to drop size and keep it off.


Because they’ll sacrifice themselves to keep life running smoothly for everyone else.


That means they might start relying on microwave meals or fast food. They’ll use comfort foods and caffeine to get them through the hard parts (of which there are many).


I want to make one point: the healthier you are… the better you feel… and the more you can give.


So even though it might seem like the world will end if you’re not helping someone else all the time… it’s better to put your health first.


I’m not saying you have to sacrifice someone else’s health for yours. Of course not. I’m just saying in times when you’re in a bind, tune in to your body. See what you need to feel healthy and energized.


And then do that.


Even if it means someone else has to wait. They can handle it, believe me.


When you put your health first, you have more energy! You don’t have migraines locking you down for entire days. Your arthritis isn’t stopping you from trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.


So keeping in line with the theme of Mother’s Day, I have a suggestion for you:


For the next few days, practice putting your health first. Make sure you’re getting your clean proteins and veggies. And very important… get enough sleep.


Go to bed early.


Sleep in.


Get a massage.


Treat yourself.


It’s going to feel amazing. And it’s going to wake up a part of you you’ve forgotten. The part that comes alive when you’re well-fed and well-rested.


Another benefit to putting your health first:


Losing size becomes a lot easier.


Because when you make healthy a priority, you look in the mirror and you don’t feel angry, or sad, or depressed. You see opportunity. Sure you might not be at your most healthiest. But you can be soon.


With a plan like HCG, you can be 20-30 lbs in as little as one round. That’s a big deal. It’s a life changing loss. And it’ll give you a lot more “oomph” to get through your day.


I know you’re busy.


I know it seems like doing a plan like HCG will put your life on hold. And to be honest, it will… for a very short time.


But frankly, it’s not that hard. And the benefits you get from it are enormous. The energy alone makes it worth it. Then there’s the self-confidence, the new wardrobe, the end to various pains and problems that have plagued you… the list goes on.


The HCG program make it simple. For most, they dull hunger and make the low calorie phase easy.


Mom’s we love ya, get started on HCG!




Javier Alejandro

Diet Specialist

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