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May 14, 2018
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May 22, 2018

In the world of HCG, we’re big on keeping it off.


Even though most people, deep down, know what “eating healthy” looks like, many people have trouble sticking to it.


That’s because they put losing on the pedestal. They’re all about before/after photos. Their life revolves around the scale. When it’s down they’re psyched (and have “reward” meals). When it’s up, they’re stressed to hell (and emotionally binge eat).


For thin people, staying thin is easy.


Do you believe this is possible? Well, I’m sure you know thin people, so I’m sure you do. The more important question is…


Do you believe this is possible for you?


It might seem counter-intuitive, but one of the first things we recommend HCGers do is accept and forgive themselves. And to love and value the body they have, in this moment.


Not exactly an easy thing to do.


But so important. Because even though guilt is something we all have… it doesn’t help us lose or stay healthy. In fact, it can make it really hard to lose and keep it off.


Look: I’ve been in this business long enough to say… you’re fine. You just have some thought patterns going on that make it tough for you to live a healthy life.


The crazy thing is, when you finally realize this and start to feel some love for your body… you start wanting to take care of it. Maybe you do a round of HCG.


By the end of the round, you’ve learned how to eat healthy. It’s not a chore anymore. What’s more, you’re starting to enjoy healthy food more than junk. And the more you continue to eat healthy, the more you’ll love how healthy food tastes.


Before you know it, your healthy self begins to “awaken”.


You’ll still feel stress…


…but this time, you’ll go on a walk instead of binging on Doritos.


You’ll listen to the birds.


You’ll watch someone mow their lawn.


You’ll take deep, slow breaths.


And you will feel fantastic.


The thing is – you don’t have to wait to wake up your healthy self.


It’s always available to you. Try tuning into it right now. If it’s saying you need to lose… for the sake of your health… don’t panic. Just acknowledge it. Let it sit there. And, if you do feel like taking some action in the right direction… I’d like to suggest you pick up your kit today and give HCG a shot.


I can’t say it’s a walk in the park.


I can say most our customers tell us… “that was easier than I thought it would be.”


We invest in your success. I think that’s a big part of what makes us different. And a big reason why so many of our customers lose… and keep it off.


Click here to pick up your injections and join the HCG revolution.


It’s a change, but the plan… and community… will help you through.


And it’s a change you really deserve and will enjoy.


So why not go for it?


Talk soon.


Javier Alejandro

HCG Diet Consultant

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