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April 20, 2018
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May 1, 2018

A lot of people reading these emails have a good life. By some standards, a great one. So why change? Why “give up” all the foods you love. Your comfort. Your stability. Why change something that’s working so well?


Two points:


1)   I’m sorry to say, it’s the calm before the storm. It’s called an unhealthy weight for a reason. It’s not good for you. Your life may be great now. What’s coming next?


2)   Better news: being healthy is awesome.


That’s so easy to forget.


Energy. That’s almost all I have to say. Do you have enough? Do you have more than enough? Are you overflowing with energy and ready to run, hike, play with kids/grandkids… and get all your work done?


If you don’t, you have stress.


Because you can’t get everything done. Either that, or your work takes up your life. You do get it done. You keep it together. But you don’t have time for anything else.


When you reach a healthy weight… you suddenly have energy. Sure you’re tired at the end of the day (and you fall asleep quickly). While you’re awake, you’re coasting. You feel great.


You handle things. You plan activities. (Many people who identity as “introverts” realize, after getting healthy, they’re actually “extroverts”.)


You glow. (Almost literally. Health radiates from the inside out.)


Maybe you even pick up an old hobby you haven’t touched in a while.


I could write forever about how awesome energy is.


And that’s just one benefit to getting healthy. Others range from the simple (fitting into your “goal jeans”) to the significant (recovering from pre-diabetes).


That’s why I write you emails every single day.


I try to give you a taste of what being healthy is like. I want to help you really want it. Because when you do really want it… it’s easier. Combine that with a plan like HCG, and it can even be easy.


But honestly, my words fall flat. There’s nothing I could write that will even come close to describing how being healthy feels.


Besides it’s not about imagining anymore. Now is the time for you to experience it.


The injections are the best way to do that. They’re convenient. And they work.


Click here to get your HCG Kit today.


Talk soon.


Javier Alejandro

HCG Diet Expert

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